Support climber, skier, and hiker rescue in Chelan County.

Support CCMR.

Support CCMR Rescue Efforts

Searching for and rescuing people who become lost or hurt in the rugged mountains of Chelan County takes a well-trained, well-equipped team of climbers and rescuers. Training and response operations require extensive financial resources, and are often subsidized by public donations. Because of operational costs, including extensive operations in 2022, CCMR is always looking for financial contributions of any size to support their work.

At this time, tax-deductible donations can be made through our page right here or through our PayPal or through USPS mail:

*Please email us to let us know if you plan to send a physical check.

Additionally, please consider designating CCMR as the recipient of donations from your Amazon purchases when you buy through Amazon Smile. A portion of every purchase goes directly to CCMR when shopping through Amazon in this way.

If you are interested in making a larger donation through your business, estate, or otherwise, please contact us via email.

CAUTION! Please be aware that we NEVER do any telephone soliciting! Scam calls have been undertaken requesting money for "Chelan County Search and Rescue" and similar sounding names. Please disregard and report these fraudulent attempts to the appropriate authorities.

How does my donation help?

Your donations go directly to CCMR's operating expenses including gear, training, and team maintenance operations. Examples of the costs associated with these items include:

  • $100- After mission meal for a team of 4

  • $350 - One full rigging kit for technical lowers and raises

  • $500 - One new 100-meter static rope

  • $750 - One registration for AvSAR professional avalanche training

  • $1300 - One registration for professional rescue rigging training

  • $1900- One new P25 digital radio.

  • $5000 - One trail-grade rescue litter with mountain-grade wheel